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Ministry of Agriculture, Industry, and Commerce

  • 宣統元年 (1909年) 7月,陸軍部覆農工商部片,核准河南福公司購運炸藥。(06-24-03-001-02-018)
  • 光緒34 年(1908年)11月,直隸賑撫總局呈農工商部,以工代撫支銷各款簡明清單。(06-21-01-005-097)
  • The documents in this group cover l905-11 and include records on mining, water conservancy, and irrigation. Mining records include documents on state-owned companies and mining licenses. The holdings on water conservancy are comparatively limited. These include budgets, personnel reports, project reports, and memos from various departments. The collection contains twenty-three folders.

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